Joel Ira Schneier

Picture of Joel Ira Schneier

Summer Student Worker (NCSU)


Joel received his M.A. in English (with a dual concentration in Sociolinguistics and Composition & Rhetoric) from North Carolina State University in 2013, and his B.A. in English Literature from James Madison University in 2007. He has worked in content development for a language learning software company, as well as non-profit organizations specializing in community-based education programs for adult second language learners and at-risk youth. In the Foreign Languages & Literatures Department, Joel serves as Lecturer for FLE 101: Academic Research and Writing for Non-Native English Speakers

His research interests focus on the processes, products, and perceptions of various literacy practices that surround Standard Written English, and how "non-standard" or marginalized language communities negotiate these practices--particularly in formal and informal education environments. This tends to involve the research fields such as sociolinguistics, composition, second language acquisition, and education. 

Teaching and Research Interests

  • Mobile communication
  • Literacy practices as socio-cultural and linguistic indices
  • Multi-modal literacy practices and development
  • Non- and low-literate adults
  • Multilingualism and multi-literacy
  • Cross-cultural and international literacy education
  • Perceptual interpretations and affectations of literacy and linguistic practices
  • Literacy practices and attitudes in formal education
  • Correlations between literacy and language education and the Critical Age Hypothesis


  • Relational gameplay on Minecraft mobile (Nicholas Taylor, PI)
  • Laboratory Phonological Investigation of ING Variation (Jeff Mielke, PI)
  • Mobile Text-Messaging Observation (Melissa Johnson, PI)
  • BigDIVA Usability Study (Tim Stinson, PI)
  • Writing after FLE 101 (PI)


Schneier, J., & Kudenov, P. (2016). Texting in Motion: Toward the Synchronous Study of SMS. Paper presented at American Dialect Society Annual Conference, Washington DC.

Schneier, J. (2015). Style-Shifting in SMS: Quantitative Analysis of an SMS Elicitation Experiment. Paper presented at American Dialect Society Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

Schneier, J. (2015). ‘After get in touch with literacy in this class’: WAW in the FYW Classroom with L2 English Writers. Paper presented at Conference on College Composition and Communication, Tampa Bay, FL.

Schneier, J. (2015). Intra-Speaker Variation in Syllable Timing: the Zeitlin Tapes and Reconsidering PVI. Poster presented at Linguistic Society of America Annual Conference, Portland, OR.

Schneier, J. (2014). Writing about writing: Empowering first-year L2 writers through Meta-discursive writing and research. Presentation at American Association for Applied Linguistics, Portland, Oregon.

Fox, M., Chung, M., & Schneier, J. (2014). Marching to the beat of a different drum: cross-regional variation in prosodic rhythm. Presentation at American Dialect Society, Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Graduate Research Assistant: Social Media and Pedagogy Coordinator for Medieval Electronic Scholarly Alliance, 2014-2016


  • B.A. in English Literature from James Madison University, 2007
  • M.A. in Sociolinguistics, Composition & Rhetoric from North Carolina State University, 2013