Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS)

Within the department the Association of English Graduate Students (AEGS) represents the interests of graduate students. AEGS elects a president, vice president, secretary, treasurer, and also sponsors programs and parties. Through AEGS, student representatives also participate in the university-wide Graduate Student Association. Officers of AEGS are invited to attend meetings of the department's Graduate Studies Committee, enabling them to gain insights into and contribute to the decision and curriculum-making processes of the graduate programs.

Past Conferences

Seventh Annual AEGS Conference
”Beyond These Walls” 

Sixth Annual AEGS Conference
"How do you <digital> Humanities?"

Fifth Annual AEGS Conference
"Beneath the Boot Heel: Examiniations of Oppression and Resistance"

Fourth Annual AEGS Conference
"I Live Here!: Negotiating Notions of Public and Private"

Third Annual AEGS Conference
"So What? Exploring the Importance of Humanities Studies in the 21st Century"

Second Annual Graduate Student Symposium
​“Manifest Identity”