English Department Administration

Office of the Department Head

Dr. Antony Harrison

Dr. Catherine Mainland

McBroom, Stephanie

Jackson, Melissa

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Jason Miller

Dr. Meredith Fosque

Iyana Porter

Office of the First-Year Writing Program

Dr. Casie Fedukovich

Dr. Casie Fedukovich

Roy Stamper

Dr. Dana Gierdowski

  • FYWP--Assistant Director, Digital Learning and Faculty Development
  • 104 Tompkins
  • dcgierdo@ncsu.edu
  • 919-513-7354

Kendra Andrews

Danielle Carr

Office of the Professional Writing Program

Dr. Jason Swarts

Dr. Huiling Ding

  • Assistant Director of Professional Writing
  • 131-C Tompkins
  • hding@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4120

Office of Graduate Programs

Dr. Nancy Penrose

Dr. Huiling Ding

Dorianne Laux

Cara Smelter

Alumni Liaison

Dr. Susan Katz