English Department Administration

Office of the Department Head

Dr. Laura Severin

Dr. Catherine Mainland

McBroom, Stephanie

Jackson, Melissa

Office of Undergraduate Studies

Dr. Jason Swarts

  • Associate Head/Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • 243 Tompkins
  • jswarts@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4112

Dr. Meredith Fosque

Iyana Porter

Office of the First-Year Writing Program

Dr. Casie Fedukovich

Dr. Zach Beare

  • FYWP–Associate Director, Graduate Student Support
  • 232 Tompkins
  • zbeare@ncsu.edu

Roy Stamper

Dr. Dana Gierdowski

  • FYWP--Assistant Director, Digital Learning and Faculty Development
  • 104 Tompkins
  • dcgierdo@ncsu.edu
  • 919-513-7354

Kendra Andrews

Dana Horne

Office of the Professional Writing Program

Dr. Stacey Pigg

Dr. Huiling Ding

  • Assistant Director of Professional Writing
  • 131-C Tompkins
  • hding@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4120

Office of Graduate Programs

Dr. Nancy Penrose

Dr. Huiling Ding

Dorianne Laux

Kelly Mangino

Alumni Liaison

Dr. Susan Katz