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English Department Program Coordinators

Honors Program

Dr. Margaret Simon

Internship Program

Dr. Douglas Walls

  • Coordinator of the Internship Program
  • 131-E Tompkins
  • dmwalls@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4235

Teacher Education Program

Dr. Jeffrey Reaser

Creative Writing Program and Minor

Belle Boggs

  • Coordinator of Creative Writing Program
  • 278 Tompkins
  • bmboggs@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4148

Wilton Barnhardt

Film Program and Minor

Dr. Andrew Johnston

Technical and Scientific Communication Minor

Dr. Huiling Ding

  • Advisor for the Minor in Technical and Scientific Communication
  • 131-C Tompkins
  • hding@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-7354

Journalism Program and Minor

Mr. Paul Isom

  • Coordinator of the Journalism Program
  • 102 Tompkins
  • pcisom@ncsu.edu
  • 205-617-4400

Linguistics Program and Minor

Dr. Robin Dodsworth

American Literature Program and Minor

Dr. Allen Stein

  • Advisor for the Minor in American Literature
  • 121 Tompkins
  • stein@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-7354

World Literature Program and Minor

Dr. Mike Grimwood

Certificate in Professional Writing

Dr. Jason Swarts

  • Coordinator of the Certificate in Professional Writing
  • 131-E Tompkins
  • jason_swarts@ncsu.edu
  • 919-515-4115