James Stephen Mulholland

Picture of James Stephen Mulholland

Associate Professor

  • Email: jsmulhol@ncsu.edu
  • Address:
    Tompkins Hall 280, Box 8105
    NCSU Campus
    Raleigh, NC 27695


I am an associate professor in the English department. My work focuses on the global eighteenth century, primarily on British poetry and Anglo-Indian literature. My book Sounding Imperial: Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730-1820 (Johns Hopkins, 2013) uncovers the close relationship between the evolution of eighteenth-century poetry, the creation of a British nation, and colonial expansion overseas. My next project focuses on the Indian Ocean world and argues for the importance of regional—not just international—dynamics for emergence of Anglo-Indian literature during the eighteenth century. In addition to teaching eighteenth-century literature and culture, I also have interests in theories of orality, book history, and sound studies, globalization, and the literature of 9/11.  


Sounding Imperial: Poetic Voice and the Politics of Empire, 1730-1820  (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013)

“Connecting Eighteenth-Century India: The Translocal Poetics of William and Anna Maria Jones” in Representing Place in British Literature and Culture of the Long Eighteenth Century: From Local to Global, ed. Evan Gottlieb and Juliet Shields, Ashgate (2013)

“James Macpherson, Oral Traditions, and the Invention of Voice”  (Oral Tradition 24.2, October 2009)

“Gray’s Ambition: Printed Voices and Performing Bards in the Later Poetry”  (ELH 75.1, Spring 2008)

“‘To Sing the Toils of Each Revolving Year’: Song and Poetic Authority in Stephen Duck’s ‘The Thresher’s Labour’”  (Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture 33, 2004)


  • PHD in English from Rutgers University, New Brunswick, 2005
  • BA in English from University of Virginia, 1997