Dr William K. Lawrence

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Bill Lawrence has been in education for nearly seventeen years. In addition to twelve years teaching college English and literature, he has taught middle school and high school, run a campus computer lab, and worked in tutoring centers. In addition to teaching writing at NC State, he is the current Director of the Young and Teen Writers Workshop.

He has taught and developed various college courses in various formats including Composition I & II, Introduction to Literature, Reading and Writing about Literature, American Lit I and II, British Lit II, Creative Writing, Developmental Writing, Writing for Science, Introduction to Sustainability, Environmental Lit, several theme based composition courses, and Advanced Comp for Humanities majors, Social Science majors, Natural Science majors, and Business majors. 

He has a Doctorate in Education from Northeastern University, and his research focused on learning styles and preferences, personality types, and accommodating teaching methods in the college writing course. His education also includes a Masters in Education from George Washington University, an MA in Liberal Studies from SUNY Stony Brook, and an MFA in creative writing (with an emphasis in fiction) from the Southampton Writer's Program at Long Island University. He studied English (with a concentration in British Romantic Literature) and the History of Rock N Roll at Portland State University in Oregon. 

Lawrence is also a published creative writer. His poems and stories have been published in various national and international journals and magazines. He is the author of two poetry collections and three chapbooks. He is the author of several novels including The Punk and the Professor.