Film Studies Lab

The Film Studies Lab is located in Tompkins 207.

All requests regarding DVDs check-out and promotional materials should be addressed to the lab supervisor, Stephanie McBroom, at Lab use will be by appointment only beginning August 17th 2020. Please email Stephanie to discuss reserving a time in the lab space. 

Film Lab phone number: (919) 515-9420

Facilities in the lab
Students can view the department’s collection of Blu-rays, DVDs, and VHS tapes at the film lab, or on a bigger screen in G116 upon request. To browse our full collection of DVDs and Blu-rays, click here.

We have computers students may use, as well as Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere on our Macs in the lab for students’ editing video projects.

To find out whether an item is available to view or check-out, please email Stephanie McBroom at