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If you are a student at NCSU and have secured an internship on your own, using ePACK or any other resources, please email Paul Isom with the name of the organization and the contact information for your supervisor, and you will be added to the required class, English 350 as soon as your registration window opens, which will allow you to receive 3 credits towards your degree.

If you would like help securing an internship, you need to complete an application process. You can find all of the details on the How to Apply page at internship program’s website. The materials you submit for the application helps us see what type of internship you want and what type of experience you already have.

English 350 and the successful completion of an internship can count as your Advised Elective in the Arts Studies Film Major (Film Concentration) or as an elective in the English-Film concentration.

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About the North Carolina Film Office Directory:
The North Carolina Film Office provides a listing service to the states community of crew and support services companies without fee. You can create your free listing in four easy steps: 1) Select a listing type, a login, and a password, 2) Provide some basic contact information, 3) Add your skills & affiliations, and 4) Select the appropriate listing categories (there is a maximum of 2 listing categories). Crew registrants will be also required to enter professional credits (i.e., feature, short, documentary, commercial, etc.). There is a minimum requirement of 1 and a maximum of 10 professional credits per listing category. Upon completion, your profile will be reviewed and validated within 24 hours. For those who do not have a verifiable professional credit/project and are, therefore, unable to register in our Resource Directory, we would suggest they visit the website and view current productions in the state. If there is a specific production they are interested in, they can contact this office and they will then be provided with production office contact information (provided we have received it from the production company). They can then contact the production office to inquire about any possible internships.




SPRING 2017 A/V Geeks Student Internship Opportunity

Local moving image archive located in a private residence in downtown Raleigh looking for NCSU Film (major or minor) intern to help with digitizing and cataloging educational films. Work will involve learning about the collection; researching and creating metadata for the films and videos; a little physical labor including moving and shelving dusty film cans; learning to digitize a variety of video formats; working with Quicktime Pro to edit works; working with video logging software for creating clips and logging metadata; working with a Filemaker Pro database and Excel spreadsheets; and some web work. I would be willing to work with the intern if he or she has specific interests or goals, which might develop over the course of the internship. See for more information about the nature of the archive.

Send resume to Skip Elsheimer (an NC State grad!) ASAP.  Please indicate if you are a Film Studies major since preference will be given to NCSU Film Studies majors or to English majors in the Film Studies concentration. Student will need a car. NCSU Film Professor references (please note if you have any in your email) would be preferred, but aren't required.

This is an unpaid internship.  To receive internship credit you will have to register for English 350 and complete 120 hours of work over the course of the spring semester.

If you are selected for this internship, please contact Paul Isom and let him know the name of the organization and the contact information for your supervisor (Skip Elsheimer), and he’ll have you added to the 3 credit class (this can count as your advised elective in the Art Studies-Film major, or as an elective in the English-Film major). If you have any questions about English 350 (the course required for receiving internship credit), please contact Paul Isom at the email address above.

Festival Call for Entries

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