Risk, and for the present
for Jeremy Over

our olive warning of destruction, moths and flying
                                    towards the Italian border
glowed in my hand yet gave off no heat
                                    we are safe, but any security
the butcher found pleasant our heads themselves
                                    we discover as we go along
the severed insects, the raw meat in our little pocket
                                    fearful shapes which
subject to a disease, a night peopled with
                                    the pleasure of cutting up
terraces loped all my being, almost everyone
                                    between the sky
beautiful as long as it remains untenable
                                    scramble to heaven
having loved enough on the light-flooded floor
                                    what’s it to you
unmade, forced to relocate with the dust of death

Ian Seed is editor of www.shadowtrain.com. He teaches at the University of Cumbria in northern England. His first-full length collection of poems is Anonymous Intruder, published in 2009 by Shearsman books. The book is reviewed here in Jacket: http://www.jacketmagazine.com/38/r-seed-rb-konchan.shtml