Independent Study (Directed Readings): ENG 636, 810

ENG 636 provides directed study in areas of special interest that are not addressed in the department's regular course offerings. The course is available only to students enrolled in our graduate programs. These courses are individually designed, with reading loads, writing requirements and academic expectations comparable to other graduate courses in the department.

Directed readings courses are taken for S/U (credit/no credit) rather than for a letter grade. At the discretion of the DGP, an approved ENG 636 may fulfill graduate elective course requirements. However, no more than three hours of ENG 636 may be used to fulfill distribution requirements, and no more than six hours of ENG 636 may be used overall.

To propose an ENG 636, identify a member of the graduate faculty who can advise you and explain the project you have in mind. Bear in mind that an ENG 636 class represents an overload for the professor. While faculty are generally happy to work with students on independent studies, their willingness to do so in a given semester will depend on their teaching loads and other professional commitments. You and the faculty member will need to develop a brief proposal that:

  1. summarizes the topic or research question to be explored
  2. specifies the type of work to be submitted
  3. includes a preliminary reading list or syllabus. Ideally, this document should be about two pages.

Submit a completed ENG 636 Directed Readings Proposal form, with your proposal attached, to the DGP before the end of the registration period for the semester of independent study. This form requires the signatures of the course instructor and the DGP. Once the DGP has approved, the Graduate Programs Coordinator will process enrollment.

Students enrolled in doctoral programs may propose Directed Readings courses under ENG 810.