Advisors for the MA Program

Academic advising for the MA program is handled by the DGP, James Mulholland, with the assistance of several other concentration directors and other graduate advisors:

  • American/British Literature: Professor Barbara Bennett and Professor John Morillo
  • Linguistics: Professor Erik Thomas
  • Rhetoric and Composition: Professor Chris Anson
  • Film Studies: Professor Marsha Gordon

Advisor for the MFA Program

Academic advising for the MFA program is handled by the Assistant Director, Shervon Cassim.

Advisor for the MS Program

Academic advising for the MS program is handled by the DGP, Professor Huiling Ding.

Standard Advising Periods

Each semester there is a several-week advising period in which you make an appointment to see your advisor and make decisions about the courses to take the following semester. During this time, advisors post on their office doors grids of available times to consult with their advisees. It is your responsibility to sign up for an appointment. Registration for summer sessions occurs during the spring registration period. See Registration Procedures.