Enrollment/Registration Process

The enrollment period begins mid October for spring classes and mid March for fall classes. See the R and R website for instructions if the enrollment/registration process is new to you.

To prepare to register for classes, examine the posted course schedule, review your program requirements, create or update your Graduate Plan of Work (unless you are a new student), and consult with your academic advisor.  Your advisor must release your advising hold to permit you to register.  Details below.

  1. Review Student Services Center and the Cashier's websites for important deadlines, so that you don't incur late charges. Their deadlines override departmental registration deadlines.  
  2. Review the upcoming semester's course schedule via MyPack/SIS or by perusing the course sampler at the English Department website. Be sure to choose the appropriate semester in the drop-down menu. 
  3. Review program and concentration requirements. New students: review our Essential Information for New Students webpage.
  4. Review the Capstone Project and Graduation Timeline (MA students) or the Thesis and Graduation Timeline (MFA students).  
  5. Create or update your Graduate Plan of Work. This is the online mechanism used by the English Department and the Graduate School to monitor your progress toward degree and ensure the degree is awarded. See instructions below. 
  6. Consult with your academic advisor, who can release your advising hold once you have conferred.  The DGP is available to consult with students in any program, but you will also be assigned an advisor specific to your concentration.  To find out who your advisor is, go to MyPack, then Student Services Cetner.

MA students: If you plan to graduate next semester, you need to register for ENG 676 (Master's Project in English). This requires that you submit a Capstone Project proposal, which is due no later than the last day of fall classes, so that the Graduate Programs Coordinator can get you registered for the course. Please refer to the Capstone Project and Graduation Timeline below for more details. 

MFA students: If you plan to graduate next semester, it's very important that you familiarize yourself with the Thesis and Graduation Timeline.

NOTE: If you are registering for ENG 695, be sure to indicate the appropriate number of credit hours. Because this is a variable credit course, the system defaults to one credit, which may affect your full-time standing and render you ineligible for tuition support. 

MS students: Monitor the MSTC google group for advising and registration information. 

Incomplete Grades: If you have an "incomplete" from last semester, you only have until the end of this semester to complete the requirements for that course. If a grade is not submitted by the end of the semester, the "incomplete" will automatically become an "F." It is the student's responsibility to contact the instructor and make sure that all outstanding work has been turned in.