Graduate Plan of Work (GPOW)

The Graduate School requires that students who have completed 15 hours of the program file an online Plan of Work (POW). The POW is located in MyPack under Student Self Service. Make sure to "save" your POW only. You will not "submit" your POW for approval until your final semester. Submitting your POW starts the approval process, going to your Committee Chair first, then to the DGP, and then to the Graduate School for final approval. "Saving" your POW allows for department review and discussion with your advisor.

Note the four different tabs at the top of the POW:

  1. Patent Agreement: You must sign this in order to be eligible for graduation, so do it now.
  2. Plan of Work: Here is a brief tutorial from The Graduate School on how to complete your POW.  You will select courses using the catalog, your transcript, etc. Add as many rows as needed and select the appropriate courses that satisfy your program/concentration requirements. Refer to your program's and concentration's website (MAMFAMS) for information on requirements. 
  3. Committee tab: If you are completing a Capstone Project in the MS program, enter your Program Director(Dr. Huiling Ding) as Committee Chair (No other members needed). If you are completing a Capstone Project in the MA program, enter your Capstone Advisor as the Committee Chair. If you are completing a Thesis in the MFA program, enter your Committee which will consist of your Thesis Advisor (Chair) and two committee members
  4. Comment tab: The Comment tab allows you to document special arrangements or program-specific requirements that are not built into the POW default structure. Use this feature to explain how you plan to fulfill your language requirement; to identify transferred courses approved by the Graduate School and the requirements they fulfill; to document course waivers; to list the title of your thesis; and so forth. The Graduate Services Coordinator will use the Comments system to confirm your fulfillment or waiver upon receiving appropriate documentation.