Special Topics Course Offerings Since 2010

Every semester, departmental faculty offer courses on new topics in traditional, emerging, and interdisciplinary areas of English Studies. These courses may fulfill MA distribution requirements when the topic applies, or they may be taken as electives in all concentrations. The department offers 6-7 such courses each semester.  See the topics below that have been offered in recent semesters.

ENG 539 Studies in World Literature

  • Metamorphosis
  • Global Modernisms
  • Chinese Science Fiction
  • East Asian Lyric Poetry
  • 3rd World Feminism
  • Caribbean Literature
  • Ancient History as Literature
  • East Asian Lyric Poetry

ENG 582 Studies in Literature

  • Cormac McCarthy
  • History of the Book
  • Victorian Media Studies
  • Poetry and the Visual Arts
  • Irish Short Story
  • Romance and Repentance
  • Studies in Digital Humanities
  • Contemporary Southern Novel
  • The Global 18th Century
  • Styles of Truthtelling
  • Medieval Women Writers
  • Transnational Modernisms
  • Early 20th Century Poetry
  • Langston Hughes and Pop Culture 
  • 20th Century Irish Drama
  • 18th and 19th Century Female Poets
  • 19th Century American Novel

ENG 583 Studies in Rhetoric and Composition

  • Emerging Genres
  • Writing Program Administration
  • Digital Media Theory
  • Analysis of Verbal Data
  • Social Networking
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities
  • Intercultural Professional and Technical Communication

ENG 584 Studies in Linguistics

  • Laboratory Phonology
  • Ethnolinguistics
  • Laboratory and Comp Tools
  • Ethnicity and Language

ENG 585 Studies in Film

  • Studio Era Hollywood
  • Nonfiction Film
  • European Film: 1945- Present
  • Moving Image/ Media Archaeology
  • War Documentaries
  • Film and the Archive
  • New Queer Cinema
  • Educational Film
  • Contemporary American Cinema
  • Violence and Cinema
  • Media Style and Authorship

ENG 586 Studies in Theory

  • Post-Colonial Theory

ENG 587 Interdisciplinary Studies in English

  • American Reading Cultures
  • Introduction to Digital Humanities 
  • Thinking with Things: Multimodal Composition and Critical Making

ENG 590 Studies in Creative Writing

  • Studies in Urban Poetry
  • Latino Voiices and Cultures
  • The Personal Essay
  • The Novella
  • Literary Style
  • Memoir
  • Screenwriting and Adaptation
  • Creative Non-Fiction
  • Fiction and Poetry of East Asia
  • The Mannerists

ENG 591 Studies in National Cinemas

  • Cinema and the Nation

ENG 592 Special Topics in Film Styles and Genres

  • Film Comedy and Modernity
  • The Film Musical
  • Cinema Stylists
  • Spanish Thriller
  • Film and the 1990s
  • Hong Kong Cinema
  • Contemporary European Cinema
  • Genre in Eastern and Southern Asian Cinema
  • Race in German Film
  • Modern Asian Cinema
  • Film and the 1980s 
  • Cinema and the New Europe
  • Cinema Stylists: Fuller and Ray
  • Science Fiction
  • Cinema of the 1970s 
  • Hitchcock and Wilder