MA Graduation Timeline

In your first year:

  • Create your Plan of Work (POW). Make sure to "save" your POW only. You will not "submit" your POW for approval until your final semester.
  • Sign the Patent Agreement in your POW.
  • Make plans to fulfill your language requirement.

3rd semester (or after 15 hours):

  • Decide on capstone topic and identify your capstone advisor in time to register for ENG 676 for final semester. (For more information on the Capstone Project, see our MA Capstone Process webpage.) To reserve a seat in ENG 676, add your name to the sign-up sheet in T246 during the registration period. Your seat will be confirmed when you submit your approved capstone proposal. Proposals are due no later than the last day of class, but keep an eye on posted billing deadlines to avoid late charges.  You'll want to finalize your spring schedule as soon as possible.
    ​Please also keep in mind that faculty are planning their semesters as well and may not be able to accommodate last-minute requests.
  • Add your capstone advisor (Chair) to your GPOW, via the "Committee" tab. "Save" your GPOW. Note: your Committee will only consist of your Capstone Advisor (Chair). 

Final semester:

  • Meet with your capstone advisor to agree on a timeline for submisson of your drafts and revisions. The final draft must be approved by your advisor and submitted to the Graduate Services Coordinator by the last day of class.
  • Complete your Plan of Work and "submit" for approval
  • Apply to Graduate via MyPack at least two weeks in advance of the Graduate School’s deadline (the Graduate School’s Academic Calendar), so that your application can be reviewed and approved by the DGP before the deadline
  • Submit drafts and revisions by the dates stipulated by your capstone advisor
  • Complete your project and submit the following to the Graduate Services Coordinator by the last day of class:
    • An electronic copy of your completed capstone document, including title page and abstract. Submit this to
    • A print copy of the title page and abstract, signed by your capstone advisor and the DGP.
  • Coordinating with your capstone advisor, schedule and present your capstone project in the Graduate Symposium (during final exam period)