Concentration in Film Studies

NCSU offers a Master of Arts in English with a concentration in Film Studies. This 33-hour concentration includes training in writing (film criticism and academic writing), analysis (genre, history, and national cinemas) and theory (film theory, literary theory, and visual theory). The array of courses offers opportunities for students to connect their study of literature with film. The program does not include production courses.​​​​​​​ 


Research Component (6 credits)

  • Required in the first semester of enrollment:
    ENG 669: Methods and the Profession (3 credits) 

This course initiates students into ways of thinking and practicing in the profession of English studies. We will explore critical traditions, research methods, and emerging approaches to English studies, including literary criticism, theory, global perspectives, rhetoric and composition, film studies, and digital humanities. The course also prepares students to begin formulating their own academic and professional pathways. Students will become familiar with faculty from the department, develop research plans, and discover resources to professionalize along trajectories that include higher education, writing, media, and teaching (This course will be listed in the enrollment system under its previous title, Bibliography and Methods).

  • Final Semester:
    ENG 676: Master's Capstone Project (3 credits)

In the Film Studies Concentration, the capstone project typically takes one of the following forms:
1) Substantial essay based on original research with a brief oral presentation.

2) Film or video project accompanied by a paper that employs film studies research methods to                   reflect on the project with a brief oral presentation.
 3) Feature-length screenplay with a brief oral presentation.
See the Capstone Abstract Archive for past topics.

Distribution Requirements (12 credits)

  • Any 4 literature courses (1 course may be literary theory)

Concentration Requirements (15 credits)

  • 3 500-level film courses (this excludes 592s)
  • 2 electives in any area, preferably in film studies (may be ENG 592s or 636)

The electives may include an additional 500-level film studies course, 592 Styles and Genres (this is a dual level/upper level undergraduate course for which 592 students will do graduate-level work), or Eng 636 Directed Readings (S/U graded courses)