Title page and final submission procedures

Projects can take many forms. Those that take the form of an academic essay should have a title page and an abstract of 150-200 words.

Depending on length, the essay could/should have a table of contents, a brief intro followed by section (or chapter) division, a brief conclusion, notes, and works cited. Lengths of essays will vary but will typically be 20-30 pages, including notes and bibliography.

Projects that take other forms, such as user manuals, Web pages, electronic texts, and other options, should also include a title page and abstract describing the project, its objectives, deliverables, and outcome. You should figure out a way to package your multimedia project before submitting it to the Graduate Services Coordinator for record keeping.

The project's title page should include the following entries (all centered on the page):

  1. The title,
  2. The phrase, "by [student's name],"
  3. The statement: "A project submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the Degree of Master of Arts in English at North Carolina State University,"
  4. A line for the capstone advisor's signature and a line for the Director of Graduate Programs,
  5. The date.

The abstract should be 150-200 words. Important: An abstract is not an introduction. It is a stand-alone summary that quickly describes the purpose and focus of the project, the methods used or approach taken, the deliverables, and the major observations and conclusions you came to.

Format for Title Page and Abstract.pdf

Format for Title Page and Abstract.doc (MSWord file)

MS Capstone Projects Archive

Submitting the Finished Project

Submit the following to the Graduate Services Coordinator by the last day of classes in order to get a course grade for ENG 675:

  1. An electronic copy of the full capstone project, including an unsigned title page and abstract, emailed to the Graduate Services Coordinator at enggradcoord@ncsu.edu.
  2. A signed title page, signed only by you and your capstone advisor. You may scan and email this along with your full document, or you may submit a hard copy.

Web Posting

We would like you to provide a version of your project to be archived by the Department of English for record keeping purposes. This may be a summary or abstract, a PowerPointâ„¢ presentation, a PDF file, or a link to your own website. (Please let the 675 instructor know if there are proprietary problems.) Also, we've added the option of permitting your work to be used as an example for future students. If you permit us to share your project, please sign and submit the Release Form with your full document. You'll find this form in the Format for Title Page and Abstract link above. Please also note that you may sign the Release Form with a digital signature in Adobe Reader so that you can email it along with your full document to enggradcoord@ncsu.edu. Or you may submit a hard copy.