MS Capstone Project Archive 2012 to Present


Nikita Apraj, Adapting Help Websites for Smartphones: an UX Approach

David Crow, Technical Communication in Context Survey and Praxis: An Introduction

Alexandra Dermigny, Gamified & Blended: A Kids’ Financial Literacy Unit that Sticks

Elise Gallivan, How to Launch a Career in Technical Communication

Kim Jovy, Knowing your Audience: A Content Strategy Report on Custom Designs and Repairs

David Mueller, The Transmedia Workbench

Kimberly Poetzinger, Handling Conflict at Work

Christopher Sanchez, An Instructor’s Guide on Using Moodle

Ryan John Seymour, Applying Software Development Risk Management Methods to Documentation in Agile Methodology

Jiaxin Zhang, Revamping MSTC Ad Package


Alyssa Anderson, Proposal and Implementation Framework for Reorganizing Cherwell Software’s Online

Arthur Berger, A genre and verbal data analysis of federal commercial contract proposals

Brice Randall Bickford, Communication Plan for PowerAmerica Institute

Caitlin Brown, DITA: A Training Manual

Ludwig Colato, Creating Instructional Videos with Camtasia

Brian-Anthony Garrison, MSTC Marketing Package

Jessica Golden, Technical Communications Service Catalog: Advanced Analytics Lab

Rachael Graham, Augmented Reality Instructional App for Makerspace 3D Printers

Moses Ifamose, NC State University: Writing Program Student Booklet

Sarah Ishida, The Web Presence Strategy of Author S.E.M. Ishida

Nupoor Jalindre, Developing an Open Source Documentation Theme Using Jekyll

Jade Phillips, Department of English Graduate Programs Content Style Guide: For flyers, posters, brochures, & other various printed deliverables

David Pruitt, Songs of Innocence and Experience: William Blake’s Poems of Trauma

Timothy Ryan, Developing Promotional Materials and a Website for the NC State Chess Team

Matthew Sarda, Inverted American Heroes: Challenging the American Trauma Hero Myth

Laura Zdanski, An Introduction to Accessible Design


Rachel Amity, Shifting styles, shifting attitudes: An evaluation of style in IBM technical documentation

Anni (Bond) Simpson, TCA website

Nicholas Chavis, MSTC Guidelines for Social Media

Aaron Dubin, Usability Test Report Waze Traffic and Navigation App

Julia Johnson, Disrupting Content: Piloting DITA for Presales Proposals

Jason Clark Powers, Consider Only the Top-Most Turtle: An Example of Cross-Disciplinary Application of Rhetorical Theory


Esha Adhya, Comparative Study of Style Guides in IBM and Cisco

Kathryn Alexander, Investigate and present user-based documentation recommendations for continuously delivered IBM software products

Connie Chen, A tool to help technical communicators keep track of documents

Ashely Franklin, Raising awareness of risk-based sampling methods among agricultural inspectors

Sharmila Govindarajan, IBM WebSphere Portal Information Development Team Training Guide

Renee Haran, A video simulation of the Nutanix Foundation software installation process

Lane Kranock, An analysis of how gender is used and displayed within technical communications rhetoric, documents, collaborative teamwork, co-worker relationships, and manager/subordinate relationships

Brandi McElveen, Upgrading SAS® Solutions OnDemand content repository to Confluence 5

Carrie Misenheimer, Creating Effective Visual Interpretations of NC Climate Data Online

Amitha Narayanan, Migrating Legacy Online Help Content to MadCap Flare

Sreeranjani Pattabiraman, Creating a Technical Communication Tools Database

Derek Poindexter, Creating an MSTC Blog

Martia Sharpe, Youth Ministry Communication Data Management Project

Stephanie Suber, Creation of a Social Media Plan for RENCI

Brandi Swope, A Heuristic Analysis of Web Content Concerning Treatment of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Tandylyn Terry, North Carolina State University First-Year Writing Program User Guide

Martin Wall, Statistical Analysis of Clinical Trials of Enalapril

Darren West, Conversion of User Documentation to E-book Format Using a Custom CSS


Samantha Callich, Biology Concepts 101 and How To Succeed in The Major

Sharon Settlage, Manuscript on an Opinion Survey about Global Climate Change

Susie Hansley, Information Management Project for iContact's Strategic Advisor Group

Emily Callot, The MSTC Website: A Development and Revision Strategy

David Horgan, An Accessible and Readable Web Accessibility Guide: A Dual Web Usability Test Report

Stephanie Mills, Einstein's Evolution as a Rhetor: An Analysis of Einstein's 1905 Annus Mirabilis Papers

LaKrisha Mauldin, The DSM Guides more than Diagnosis: How the DSM as a Guiding Medical Document Can Alter Perception of Reality and Self

Sang Kim, Website Development for Connecting the Skills and Competencies of the TC Field with the Required Courses in the MS TC program

Mason Rizzo, Your Healthy Body: Health Education and Community Outreach

Nina Hawley, "The D.E.N.N.I.S. System": Satire as Moral Critique in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Brittney Ragsdale, Meeting in the Middle: A Flipped English 332 Course

Bob Peterssen, Life@IBM: Creating the new-hire resource guide

Nanci Washington, Guide to Using Microsoft's Content Management System

Luke Howell, Social Media Strategy for Research-Technology Management

Alexandra Heath, Getting Started in ID at IBM


James Franklin, Using the Brewery, NetApp's Product Operations Knowledgebase

Laura Ingerham, Prescription Drug InfoSearch: Pointing Web Users in the Right Direction

Amber Peterson, Bridging the Communication Gap for Co-ops at IBM

Catherine Sprankle, I'm with the Band: Development of a Planning and Operations Manual for the Captial City Band Expo

Hannah Tate, Who says learning (to play games) can't be fun"  Implementing Instructional Design Principles in the Creation of Indie Game Tutorials

Michelle Tompkins, NCSU Master of Science in Technical Communication: Enhancing the Orientation Experience


Courtney Myers, Customer Training Plan: Paper to Mobile Web Application

Michelle Partridge-Doerr, AICPA Content Management Process Manual: Creating a Documentation Resource in Documentum

Zachary Moser-Katz, DCRI Video Style Guide

Dennis Mohr, Development of Interactvie Training for SAS Solutions On Demand, Advanced JIRA

Christopher Boucher, Technician New Writer’s Guide

Desiree Burns, TNR for Campus Feral Cats: A Website and Proposal

Jonathan McCall, Light Pollution in North Carolina: Technical Problems, Rhetorical Solutions

Yuan Wang, Internship Handbook For Engineering Communications

Carolyn Carpenter, Designing a Civil Engineering Website in a Content Management System Environment

Ashley Hardin, Establishing Best Practices: The Duke Medicine Social Media Website

Justin Moss, Revising the Wake County Public School System Finance Manual

Gideon Brookins, Building a Working Image: General Guidelines for Technical Communicator ePortfolios

Beverly Huestess, WCPSS Writer's Guide and C-Mapp Online Curriculum Web Application Guide

Kaitlin Gudz, Wii Sports Manuals for Senior Citizens

Mark Daniel, Triangle Connector: An Online Information Community for Transit Planning in the Triangle Region

Karen Rhodes, Orientation Guide for New Employees and New Board Members of the Center for Environmental Farming Systems


Matt Giglio, Matters of Style: Developing a Style Guide for the URS Corporation

Kristin Lee, Social Media Plan for Blue Ridge Boxer Rescue

Dan Reichers, Falls Lake: the Rules, the issues, the future

Jessica Vincent, Caddie Style Communication: Best Practices for Golf Course Owners/ Operators on Communicating with Golf Course Website Designers