Technical Communication Students

The Master of Science in Technical Communication admits 10 to 20 students each year, many of whom already work as technical communicators. Approximately half of the students have undergraduate degrees in technical, natural, and social sciences while the other half have degrees from humanities programs. Many have double majors or dual degrees that include both technical/scientific and humanities studies. You can view the M. S. Orientation site at  To learn the types of technical communication tools (design and programming) students are exposed to during their MS study, you can visit Technical Communication Tools Resources Website at

Since the inception of the Master of Science in Technical Communication in 1988, the quality of the program has been enhanced by a continual flow of first-rate students from across the nation. Four students in the program have won highly competitive NC State alumni fellowships. Four students have also won the prestigious Della Whittaker Scholarship from the Society for Technical Communication (STC), awarded in national competition to a few students each year.

The students maintain an active, vibrant student association that regularly hosts speakers, training classes, and social events. 

Many students in the Master of Science in Technical Communication are active in the student chapters of professional organizations. As alumni they continue their memberships to supplement their careers. Some of the professional organizations that technical communicators are members of include: