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Professional Development Programs from the NCSU Graduate School

The NCSU Graduate School offers seminars, career panels, speakers, workshops, courses, and boot camps that show students and postdocs how to articulate their skills, distinguish themselves from their competitors, and to identify transferable skills and career opportunities in academia, business/industry, government agencies, and nonprofit entities.

Career Development Center

The Career Development Center (CDC) offers services to students who are currently enrolled in a degree program and the services remain available to students for up to one year after graduation. The CDC manages the ePACK job listing and offers assistance in a variety of areas including career counseling, co-op coordinating, and interview preparation.  The CDC also offers numerous events and career fairs during the fall and spring semesters to assist with job placement.

I found ePACK to be a very valuable resource, because it includes several job listings, both on and off campus. It also provides information about upcoming career fairs and the companies that are attending.     The CDC is a one-stop shop for all your career needs. They provide a wide-range of services from career guidance to interview preparation. I found them very friendly and approachable, even if your needs are unique.

I think the co-op program is very useful if you are looking for work in an area related to your field of study.   The best part is that co-ops are flexible and can be easily done while being a full-time student. I did co-ops for two consecutive semesters and gained so much of practical wisdom, which was a great complement to my degree.
                                                      -Amitha Narayanan, MS Tech Comm Graduate 2015

Advice Blogs


Free workshops, training, and events for students, staff, and faculty to attend on campus. The NC Cares and QPR (Question, Persuade, Refer) Workshop are resourceful mental health workshops that are highly recommended for teaching assistants and those who are planning to be educators or mentors.