ENG Guest Teacher Program

Graduate students in all ENG programs are encouraged to participate in the English Department’s Guest Teacher Program. Offered each semester, the program offers grad students opportunities to teach an undergraduate class for a day with the guidance of a faculty mentor. 

Participating in the GT program is a great way to gain some teaching experience if you don't have an assistantship, and it's also a chance for TAs to teach outside their assigned areas. First priority will be given to applications from second-year students and those without assistantships, but TAs and first-year students with pertinent background are also invited to apply. The program offers all grad students a brief introduction to classroom teaching and a chance to share their knowledge of a particular text or topic. 

Faculty members will find the program useful on a number of fronts, not least in that it will give them greater opportunity to see graduate students teach, experience that could be helpful in the event that they are called upon to write a letter of recommendation for the participating student. 

Guest Teacher Responsibilities

Graduate students who participate in the program are expected to be fully engaged in the teaching process. Guest Teachers will meet with their mentors to identify the topic and purpose of their class session and to discuss how that purpose might be achieved. For example, the faculty mentor will help the GT think about how to integrate class discussion or other activities in support of the day’s text or topic, and to determine what reading or other preparation students will complete prior to the class session. Guest Teachers are responsible for preparing thoroughly, conducting themselves professionally, and for arranging meetings with their faculty mentors before and after the teaching session.

Faculty Mentor Responsibilities

The faculty member hosting a Guest Teacher will help him or her prepare for the class (see above), will observe the class session and provide support as needed, and will meet with him or her after the class for discussion and feedback.

Procedures and Policies

· Prior to each semester, the DGP will invite interested members of the graduate faculty to identify undergraduate courses on their upcoming schedules that would be appropriate for guest teacher participation.

· The DGP will invite graduate students to apply for Guest Teaching opportunities via an announcement to the grad google group at the start of the semester, attaching the list of potential courses.

· Interested students will identify courses they would like the opportunity to teach and submit a brief application describing their background in those content areas. The Grad Programs Assistant will compile these applications and forward to faculty.

· Faculty will then independently select and contact graduate students regarding the teaching opportunity.  Faculty may invite up to two Guest Teachers per course.

· The number of guest teaching slots will depend upon faculty schedules and availability to participate in the program. Students should be aware there may not be enough opportunities to go around in a given semester.

· Guest Teachers may not function as substitute teachers and may not be involved in grading or other evaluation.  The faculty mentor is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of all student records.

· Guest Teachers and their mentors will sign a memo of understanding indicating their understanding of these policies.

Guest Teacher Program
Memo of Understanding

Signatures below indicate understanding of, and agreement to, the policies and procedures outlined in this document.

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