Writing Resources for Graduate Students

The Graduate Writing Center offers one-on-one consulting for graduate students in any discipline: http://tutorial.dasa.ncsu.edu/writing-speaking/gwc/

The Graduate School now offers other resources and services, such as:

Thesis and Dissertation Support Services (TDSS) http://www.ncsu.edu/grad/dss/.

Graduate Writing Services https://grad.ncsu.edu/professional-development/writing-support/

Camp Completion https://grad.ncsu.edu/professional-development/camp-completion/

Writing Certificate (non-credit/free) https://grad.ncsu.edu/professional-development/writing-support/writing-certificate/

The English as a Second Language Program offers a range of courses and services for international students: http://wlc.chass.ncsu.edu/esl/.

The English Department offers ENG 626, Advanced Writing for Empirical Research, usually in the fall semester.  The course is a workshop for graduate students in the sciences and social sciences who are working on grant proposals, theses and dissertations, journal papers, conference proposals, and other significant research texts.