Words and the World

What do you do with words? Language generates stories, voices, personalities, events, and more. Words not only reflect but also create our understanding of the world we live in every day. They span historical eras. They help us understand who and where we are, as well as what life meant to our ancestors. They help us empathize with other people and cultures. They make us human.

The Power of Words: Aesthetics, Persuasion, and Innovation

Your future may hold a career in a field directly related to the study of English – work as a writer, editor, teacher, journalist, filmmaker, game producer, technical or corporate communicator, or CEO. Degrees in English can prepare students for law or medical school, as well as for work in the nonprofit sector.

As an English major or minor, you will learn to think critically and expansively, to understand the strong links between the humanities and contemporary digital technologies, and to express yourself clearly – and powerfully.

NC State was an ideal graduate school experience for me. Many of my professors were passionate and attentive.
I credit two in particular for giving me the foundation I needed to be where I am now: a full-time writer
with multiple New York Times and 
internationally bestselling novels.

Melissa Marr (M.A., English, 1997)
best-selling author of the Wicked Lovely series and other books for young readers, teens and adults

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