Natalie Newton

English, 1980


Occupation: licensed psychologist at self

Worked as a journalist until 1989. Travelled all over Europe. Then editor-in-chief of a PAC Rim business newspaper in Australia 1988-89. Set two world records in endurance cycling in the mid-1980s. Late 1989 I returned to the USA due to family health issues and was the managing director of a private college in NJ for four years until leaving to complete my PhD in Counseling Psychology in Cincinnati. Licensed as a psychologist and practiced in NJ, PA, and GA. Clinical and sports psychology. Favorite activities are visits with old friends, playing with my pets, and talking literature and politics until the wee hours of the morning with writer friends. I think this point is when I say I love puppies and want world peace. Actually, I prefer adult, well mannered dogs and just wish we could stop paying for short bouts of peace.
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