Exempt from First-Year Writing Requirement

You are exempt from the first-year writing requirement, if you can provide the proper documentation. You should not enroll in ENG 101 if you are eligible for exemption.

  • Exemptions from ENG 101 on the basis of AP, SAT or ACT scores will be awarded automatically based on score reports already submitted to Undergraduate Admissions (as part of your NC State application process)
  • If you are seeking placement credit for ENG 101 based on IB score + diploma, then you should contact the First-Year Writing Program to indicate that you are seeking ENG 101 placement credit based on IB score + diploma by emailing Samantha Fowler, Writing Programs Coordinator, at firstyearwriting@ncsu.edu. Be sure to provide your student ID number in your initial email. 

    If your IB score report, which verifies that you earned a score of 5 or higher on an IB English HL exam and the IB diploma, is not already in the NC State Student Information System, then you will need to submit a results printout from the IB organization that verifies your exemption-level IB English HL exam score + diploma. 

IB documentation should be submitted to:

Samantha Fowler 
Writing Programs Coordinator
246 Tompkins Hall

Note: If you plan to appear in person at 246 Tompkins Hall to submit IB documentation, please contact Samantha Fowler (firstyearwriting@ncsu.edu) in advance to schedule an appointment. The First-Year Writing Program will also accept IB documentation via email (firstyearwriting@ncsu.edu) in PDF form.