First-Year Writing Requirement: Academic Year 2002-2003

I. Students Entering NCSU 2002-2003: ENG 111Z or ENG 113

Students enrolled in the College of Engineering should consult with a COE adviser for information about special modifications to these requirements.

English 111Z Composition and Rhetoric

The First-Year Writing requirement has been modified for students entering NCSU during the 2002-2003 academic year. The previous ENG 111-112 sequence has been replaced with a single-semester course, designated 111Z, a 3-hour course that features a reduced class size.

ENG 111Z provides an introduction to elements and strategies of argumentative writing for civic and academic audiences. The course introduces strategies for generating, organizing, and revising texts, and provides instruction in library research methods and the use of evidence.

Approximately half of entering freshmen will take ENG 111Z in the fall, half in the spring. Special sections are designated in both semesters for students who are not native speakers of English (indicated by footnotes in TRACS). Students with lower placement scores (see English Placement Policy, will take ENG 110 their first semester, followed by ENG 111Z.

All students in all curricula are required to earn a C- in ENG 111Z in order to pass the course. Passing 111Z earns three hours of credit and fulfills the University’s First-Year Writing requirement. The former requirement of ENG 112 is waived for students passing ENG 111Z. Once a student completes 111Z with a C- or better, Registration and Records will post a waiver (WR) of 112 on the student’s Automated Degree Audit. In lieu of 112, students will have three hours added to their free elective category.

Note: The 112 waiver applies only to students who entered NCSU in the 2002-03 academic year and who complete the specially adapted course, ENG 111Z. Students who entered prior to Fall 2002 must complete the 111-112 requirement that was in effect when they enrolled.

English 113 Composition, Reading, and Rhetoric

Students with higher placement scores (see will take ENG 113 instead of ENG 111Z. Completion of 113 with a C- or better earns six hours of credit and fulfills the First-Year Writing requirement. No additional free elective hours are required for ENG 113 students. Once a student completes 113 with a C- or better, Registration and Records will post credit for ENG 111 on the student’s Automated Degree Audit.


If a student qualifies for full exemption (see, Registration and Records will post credit for ENG 111 and ENG 112 upon receiving the relevant placement scores from Admissions.

II. Students Who Entered NCSU Prior to Fall 2002: ENG 111-112 or ENG 113

Students who entered prior to Fall 2002 must complete the 111-112 requirement that was in effect when they enrolled. As above, students with higher placement scores are eligible to take ENG 113 instead.Students must complete their requirement as soon as they enter the University. As of Fall 2003, ENG 112 and 113 will no longer be available. Students who have not yet satisfied the requirement at that point will take ENG 101 instead. NOTE: Students who took but failed ENG 111 in a previous year should enroll in ENG 111Z this year, the only option available. These students are the exception to the above rule. Their completion of 111Z will automatically trigger the waiver of 112 and the additional three hours of free electives.

III. Transfer Students: ENG 111-112

Students who entered NCSU during the 2002-03 academic year with transfer credit for ENG 111 must take ENG 112 to complete their requirement. (See II. above on availability of ENG 112.) Transfer credits for ENG 111 do not equate to ENG 111Z. Credit for 111Z can only be earned by enrolling in the course at NCSU. Students who have transfer credit for ENG 112 only should consult with First-Year Writing Program Staff. Call 513-1807 for an appointment.

For questions about placement or any of the above courses, contact Susan Miller-Cochran, Director of First-Year Writing, 515-4160.

For questions about ADAs or credit awarded, contact Michelle Johnson, Registration and Records, 515-2572.