English 202 Disciplinary Perspectives in Writing

Three Credit Hours

Course Description

Examination of the uses of writing and research within academic disciplines; analysis, synthesis, and reflection on what makes effective academic arguments; development of an understanding of the rhetorical demands of disciplinary writing, including attention to audience, purpose, and context; instruction in critical research practices; engagement in reflective activities on writing and research processes to help students gain facility in academic writing across disciplines and within their own discipline. Restricted to transfer students with 3 hours of ENG1** or ENG1GEP transfer credit. Together with approved transfer credit hours, this course satisfies the Introduction to Writing component of the General Education Program. Course Pre-requisite: 3 credits of ENG1** or ENG1GEP transfer credit.

Learning Objectives

ENG 202 is specifically designed to help students:

  1. Explain disciplinary writing as a social activity that changes over time and according to context;

  2. Practice using the frameworks of rhetorical analysis to extend knowledge of written texts as arguments generated for particular purposes, audiences, and rhetorical contexts;

  3. Analyze conventions of research and writing across academic disciplines, including their chosen discipline; 

  4. Synthesize and integrate multiple perspectives on academic writing in order to identify the role of writing and research in academic settings; 

  5. Examine their own writing processes and practices in critical reasoning;

  6. Practice writing and research as recursive, iterative processes;

  7. Review peers’ documents in small groups to gain skills and practices in collaboration and peer response; and

  8. Practice and refine technical skills in areas such as grammar, mechanics, and documentation of source materials.