English 105 Writing and Research in the Disciplines

One Credit Hour

Course Description

Examination of inquiry and writing across a range of academic disciplines, laying the foundation for further writing development in college-level writing across the curriculum. Refinement of basic principles of rhetoric and how those connect to writing in disciplinary communities. Restricted to transfer students with a transferring first-year writing course. Successful completion of ENG 105 requires a grade of C- or better. Together with approved transfer credit hours, this course satisfies the Introduction to Writing component of the General Education Program.

Learning Objectives

Students will

  1. Examine conventions of research and writing across a range of academic disciplines. 

  2. Refine rhetorical understanding of academic writing as generated for particular disciplinary purposes and audiences.  

  3. Select, analyze, and use research from multiple academic disciplines in order to
    examine the connection between inquiry and writing across disciplinary communities.