Submitting a Writing Portfolio to the First-Year Writing Program

New students who meet the eligibility criteria may apply for ENG 101 credit (4.0 hours) by submitting a portfolio of their writing for review. The portfolio is an opportunity for entering, first-year students to demonstrate their range of writing abilities and their understanding of academic writing more particularly. The portfolio review process is designed for incoming, first-year students. NOTE: students cannot be simultaneously enrolled in ENG 101 while they participate in the portfolio review process.

However, transfer students and upperclassmen who meet the eligibility requirements may submit a portfolio to apply for a possible waiver of the ENG 101 requirement with authorization from the portfolio administrator; transfer students and upperclassmen are not eligible for course credit. If transfer students or upperclassmen pass the portfolio review, they do not have to take ENG 101; instead, their ENG 101 requirement is simply waived. Because they may include work previously submitted for college courses in their portfolios, they are not awarded course credit for passing the portfolio review. Students should consult with their academic advisers to determine whether or not they need to earn additional hours of credit in another area to meet the minimum number needed to earn a degree in their program of study.

Portfolios submitted to the First-Year Writing Program for evaluatiuon must include:

  • A completed and signed Certification Statement 
  • A 2-3 page reflective analysis
  • Three pieces of writing, each representing a different type of academic writing and research (research papers, persuasive writing, lab reports, analyses, etc.) that reflect work in different disciplinary areas (the humanities, the social sciences, and/or the natural scienes).

More detailed information on portfolio content requirements is provided in the links below.

The department will review portfolios to determine whether a student has already mastered the learning objectives of ENG 101. If the portfolio passes the review process, the student will not be required to take the course. If the portfolio does not demonstrate that the student has fulfilled the full range of objectives for ENG 101, neither credit nor waiver will be awarded. Students who do not receive credit or waiver must complete ENG 101 to graduate. On average, approximately 30-40% of portfolios submitted are awarded credit for or exemption from ENG 101.‚Äč

How to Submit a Writing Portfolio

Please read the guidelines for submitting a writing portfolio carefully. Students who do not follow all instructions will not be considered for credit or waiver. Again, please be aware that students cannot be simultaneously enrolled in ENG 101 while they participate in the portfolio review process. 

Submission Deadlines

In order to submit a portfolio during the Fall 2016 semester, students must first contact Danielle Carr or Roy Stamper in order to have their eligibility verified. Please send an email to or with your Student ID# before Friday, September 9, 2016 in order to have your eligibility for portfolio submission verified.

Once your eligibility has been verified, you will be given permission to access our Moodle Site, where you will upload your portfolio materials according to the instructions.

If you have been granted permission to submit a portfolio by the portfolio administrator, you must still contact Danielle in order to be granted access to the Moodle Site. Again, please do so before Friday, September 9, 2016.

Writing Portfolios will be accepted via this Moodle Site for Fall 2016 from Wednesday, August  17, 2016 until Wednesday, September 14, 2016.

The final date to submit Portfolios for the Fall 2016 semester is September 14, 2016 at 5:00 pm.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the portfolio administrator: