First-Year Writing Placement (2009-16)

This placement chart is effective for new students entering in the 2009 - 2010 academic year.

If you enrolled in Fall 2008 / Spring 2009 click here.

Find your score below and follow the chart to the right to determine your placement.

SAT-Critical ReadingACT-Reading
AP English Language and Composition Test\International Baccalaureate: English A1/A2 Higher LevelClick on your placement for more information.


33 or above on ACT-English


5 -7 with diploma
(Must submit documentation)

Small Arrow

Exempt from First-Year Writing Requirement


33 or above on ACT-Reading and 28-32 on ACT-English


3-4 with diploma
(Must submit documentation)

Small Arrow

Eligible to submit a portfolio for exemption

All other students should consult NCSU’s Directed Self-Placement information to determine whether they should take ENG 100 before enrolling in ENG 101

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Directed Self-Placement *

*Student's initial course assignments are tentative. The First-Year Writing Program assesses student's placement during the first week of classes and reserves the right to change course assignments based on those assessments.

The following tests are not used for credit or placement in NCSU first-year writing courses:
SAT-II Writing, AP English Literature and Composition, IB English without diploma.

If you have taken more than one of these tests, use the scores that result in the highest placement.

See Admissions website for information on possible Literature credit.