Student Testimonials

"My desire to pursue English Honors was two-fold: I wanted to have access to courses that would prepare me for graduate school and, as a nontraditional student, I had a desire to build a network of other highly motivated and passionate English students. I discovered a diverse group of peers who loved the field as much as I did, and I found the Honors course offerings and access to graduate courses to be invaluable as I prepared my applications to graduate schools."

-- Charles Fleming ('21)

"Being a part of the English Honors program at NC State taught me a lot about humility and respect for others. The discussions were so well-rounded and I love how everyone got a chance to contribute something. I am grateful to have been a part of the English Honors Program and I hope that future students will enjoy it just as much as I did!"

-- Emily Tsan ('21)

"My experience with the English honors program at NC State gave me so much more than I was ever anticipating. Not only did this program introduce me to graduate-level courses and discussion, but it also introduced me to a diverse group of peers and friends with interests I would have never experienced! The English Honors Program here at State helped me take that first step towards graduate school and I am so grateful for the memorable experience, knowledge, and friends gained from being a part of the program!"

-- Alexandria Crews ('21)

"Participating in the English Honors Program has been one of the most influential aspects of my time at NC State.  Through the program I took Honors Seminars in which dedicated professors exposed me to new areas of study, enrolled in graduate courses that helped prepare me for further education, and took on projects that challenged me to see the discipline from different perspectives.  As I continue my academic career, I am indebted to the English Honors Program faculty for positively shaping my experience and for being a constant source of support."

-- Jake Thompson ('15)