Need an Intern?

Partners from all over the Triangle area participate in our program. Any student within the College of Humanities and Social Sciences is eligible to participate, providing companies with a diverse pool of applicants. The English department submits prospective interns to a rigorous application process: minimum GPA requirements, faculty recommendations, a resume and writing samples are all reviewed prior to acceptance. The result? Capable and committed interns from the start. 

Post your Internship Position:

Internships allow students to practice and extend the skills learned in our program. The internship experience continues to play a critical role in the job placement of students and allow them to envinsion career opportunities. 

An effective internship is one in which students are provided the opportunity to:

  • become familiar with the terminology, technologies, and other elements of a specific work environment
  • have responsibility for one or more projects which emphasize the application of knowledge and skills resulted in an identifiable work product
  • be exposed to professionals who routinely interact with the organization (e.g., clients, interest group members, other administrators, and staff) and the work life of their organization to the extent possible. 
  • have opportunities for the intern to be exposed to non-project related experiences such as meetings, planning, organizing, and social events
  • gain valuable career path knowledge from coworkers and receive helpful feedback about performance and behavior

She has picked up the slack we have... writing numerous press releases and creating copy for our annual report. Thank you so much for giving us the chance to host one of your students.

Eleanor Oakley, United Arts Council of Raleigh and Wake County

Sponsor an Intern

Help a student with financial constraints gain valuable work experience by supporting the English Department Interns' Scholarship. Many students don't entertain internships because they cannot afford to work without pay. The Interns' Scholarship provides $750 per semester to qualified students. 

Your financial support of the scholarship fund helps the community, as well as students, with scholarship recipients working for free at many non-profit organizations. We appreciate and recognize our donors' support.

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