Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can apply for the internship program?

  • Majors or minors in a College of Humanities and Social Sciences degree program.
  • Students maintaining a 3.0 GPA in their major, with at least a 2.5 GPA overall.
  • Rising juniors (students who will be juniors during the internship), juniors, and seniors.
  • Students with viable transportation (if necessary).

What is the class like?

  • Students work 120 hours during the semester (10 hours/week for 12 weeks, or 8 hours/week for 16 weeks) at the internship site.
  • Students are assigned articles on professionalization and careers; classmates share and reflect on internship experiences.
  • Students develop job search and workplace skills, refine resumes and cover letters, and create professional portfolios that should serve them their career.

What are the prerequisites?

  • Permission of the instructor (internship coordinator) as determined by the results of the application.

How do I get an internship?

  1. Ahead of your ENG 350 application, find an internship position using our Student Resources page (or other job-search site).
  2. Apply to multiple internship positions
  3. Pick the one you want!

What is the application process for ENG 350?

Does it matter how recent writing samples are?

No - if you're proud of them and think they are good representations of your writing style and skills, use them.

What kind of work would an intern do?

We strive to make sure interns have meaningful professional experiences engaged in writing and other meaningful rhetorical activities, working with mentors on projects, and producing content that will be meaningful to future student career opportunities.