How to Apply

ENG 350 currently has a limited enrollment of 40 students per semester. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which means that each application is read and reviewed as it is received, and students are accepted into the program until we reach the 40-student limit. Therefore, it is a good idea to submit your application as early in the semester as possible.

It is important to keep the following things in mind during the application process:

  • Be aware that sometimes you can get paid for an internship, but most of the time you cannot. Often, the most desirable internships are unpaid.
  • Know what your rights and responsibilities are, as well as those of your employer and instructor.

Application Process

To be considered for the internship program:

  • Complete the Application Form. When you click "submit," it will automatically be sent to the Internship Coordinator.
  • Submit resume and cover letter (see examples below) to the Internship Coordinator at 
  • Submit two relevant writing samples (not creative writing samples) to the Internship Coordinator at
  • Ask two faculty from your major or minor for recommendations and have them complete the Recommendation Form on this Web site. Be sure to tell them how to find the recommendation form.
  • While there is no specific deadline, you should submit your application by the first Monday in November for spring internships because of the limited time available for arranging for positions. Apply for fall internships prior to the end of the spring semester. Late applications will be accepted, but opportunities will be more limited.

All files must be submitted electronically to the Internship Coordinator at and should be either Word or PDF files. Provide a descriptive file name that includes your last name (examples: SmithResume.doc, SmithSample1.doc, SmithSample2.doc).