The three most important skills for you to master before getting an internship are

  • Researching internship opportunities
  • Writing and formatting your resume
  • Developing interviewing skills

Intern in Class

The following NCSU Career Center resources may help you in developing these skills.

  • Researching internship opportunities – The Internship Coordinator can help you narrow down your search, but you're still going to have to figure out where you would like to apply for an internship. You may need to apply for several positions before you find the one most appropriate for you. Follow the link and look for ePack, job search resources, and career fair events. 

  • Resume Writing – If you don't have a resume, you'll need to create one for the internship program. If you do, you probably need to critique it to make sure it is as good as it can be. Your job is to put the best information you can on one page. Follow the link and download the career guide for sample resumes.

  • Interviewing – It is important to know how to get interviews, what to do (or not do) at them, and even how to turn job offers down with tact. Follow the link and download the career guide to help prepare for interviews. Tips on appearance are also provided.