Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for application to the internship program, you must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Major or minor in an eligible CHASS degree program (see list)
  • Maintain a 3.0 GPA in your major, 2.5 GPA overall
  • Have Junior or senior standing
  • Work 120 hours during the semester (10 hours/week for 12 weeks or 8 hours per week for 16 weeks)
  • Attend ENG 350-001 once per week
  • Provide your own transportation to your internship (if necessary)


Permission of the instructor (internship coordinator) as determined by your application

Course Requirements

Grades for ENG 350 are pass/fail.

To successfully complete the course with a grade of ā€œS,ā€ you must:

  • Attend class regularly.
  • Complete all academic assignments competently.
  • Fulfill the 120-hour workplace commitment.
  • Receive a satisfactory performance evaluation from the employer.

You will receive a grade of ā€œUā€ and will not pass the course if you:

  • Have 4 or more unexcused absences from class.
  • Fail to complete all academic assignments or to complete them with an appropriate level of competence.
  • Fail to complete the 120-hour workplace commitment.

An unsatisfactory performance evaluation from a supervisor would be reviewed by the instructor, but would not in itself be sufficient for an unsatisfactory grade for the course.