Rights and Responsibilities

Students, employers, and professors should understand and fulfill their basic obligations so that everyone involved has a good experience.

In the placement process and on the Internship Agreement form, commitments and responsibilities are described specifically for each student and each mentor/supervisor. In general, though, we agree on the following division of responsibilities.


  • Work 120 hours, minimum, per semester.
  • Provide own transportation to and from internship work site.
  • Report to the internship site promptly and regularly.
  • Complete projects described in internship agreement.
  • Attend weekly internship class.
  • Complete all course requirements.

Employer and Supervisor/Mentor:

  • Describe work projects for student.
  • Oversee or supervise student's work.
  • Explain company policies.
  • Teach student to use unfamiliar equipment.
  • Provide students with typical, relevant, pre-professional or professional assignments.
  • Evaluate student for Internship Coordinator.

Internship Coordinator:

  • Prescreen student interns.
  • Provide guidance about relevant internship positions.
  • Prepare students in appropriate course work.
  • Mediate relationships among organization, intern, and department.
  • Evaluate students for grade.