The English Department Interns' Scholarship


Are you a student who is unable to participate in the Internship Program because you cannot afford to work without pay? Don't let financial concerns keep you from adding relevant work experience to your resume. Find out if you are eligible for the English Department Interns' Scholarship.

The scholarship provides $750 per semester to qualified students. Recipients agree to complete an unpaid internship for a nonprofit organization or government agency through the Department of English Internship Program. We began awarding scholarships in the fall of 2009, and hope to provide one scholarship each semester. Our ability to provide scholarships will be determined by the funds available.

If you are interested in applying for the Interns' Scholarship, refer to the requirements and to the application process.



Would you like to play a role in making valuable internship experiences available to more students?

Each year, many students are unable to participate in an internship because they cannot afford to work without pay. With sufficient funding through the generosity of company and individual donations, qualified students can be assisted each semester.

Your gift of financial support to the Scholarship fund helps the community as well, with scholarship recipients working for free at nonprofit organizations or government agencies. We appreciate and recognize our donors' support.