English Major with a Literature Concentration

Academic Advisor:

Dr. Gene Melton
G124 Tompkins Hall

This concentration offers students the opportunity to study the literatures of the world. Reading the poetry, prose, drama, and folklore of the American and British literary traditions as well as those of European, African, and Asian cultures provides students with a rich background for understanding the important aesthetic and cultural histories and experiences that define our global humanity. In upper level literature courses and in the capstone, students hone skills in interpretation, analysis, and communication in  analytical and research papers and projects.

Complete Degree Requirements for LLT Concentration, (for students who enrolled at NCSU in Fall 2010 or later). 

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  • Select English – BA Literature Concentration

If you began your academic career at NCSU before Fall 2010, you had a choice of two literature curricula: LAN (Literature--General) and LIT (World Literature).  Complete degree requirements for LAN students who enrolled between Fall 2009 and Fall 2010 are here; degree requirements for LIT students who enrolled between Fall 2009 and Fall 2010 are here.  Consult your advisor regarding the restrictions for these curricula, or if you are interested in moving to the 2010 literature curriculum.

If you enrolled at NCSU between Fall 2003 and Fall 2009, LAN requirements appear here and LIT requirements appear here. Consult your advisor regarding the restrictions on these curricula, or if you would like to move to the 2010 literature curriculum.



  1. American Literature
  2. British Literature
  3. World Literature
  4. Film
  5. Linguistics
  6. Rhetoric


  1. Introduction to Literary Study (ENG 260)
  2. Ancient/Medieval Literature
  3. Early Modern Literature
  4. 18th/19th century literature
  5. 20th/21st century literature
  6. ENG, ENG/FL, or FL electives
  7. ENG, ENG/FL, or FL electives

co-requisites: one course in the major must be from each of the following groups

Author, Genre or Theory


RESTRICTIONS  (entering Fall 2010 and later)

  • the maximum number of 200 level courses within the English major is 5
  • students may take no more than 3 ENG/FL or FL* courses to satisfy Concentration Requirements 2 through 6 above.
  • all courses, except ENG 350, must be taken for a letter grade to satisfy department requirements
  • although some courses are listed in more than one category, no course may satisfy more than one requirement
  • students must earn a C- or better for a course to count toward major requirements
  • the minimum GPA to graduate is 2.0
  • 30 of the last 45 hours of coursework must be taken at NC State
  • the Associate Head will approve the following courses to satisfy a major requirement only when the content is appropriate to the requirement:  ENG 394, ENG 420, ENG 460, ENG 491, ENG 498, ENG 539, FL 495.

**As part of their graduation application process, all English majors seeking to graduate in a fall or spring term must submit to the English department a paper/project composed for an advanced-level course within their concentration area. Additional information about this requirement is provided to potential graduates at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate.**