English Major with a Concentration in Teacher Education

Academic Advisor:

Dr. Jeff Reaser
284 Tompkins Hall
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The TED curriculum includes a study of English, American, and world literature as well as courses in literacy, the English language, educational psychology, and pedagogy, while preparing students for a career in secondary English education. Satisfactory completion of the current TED curriculum and additional College of Education requirements allows students to apply for licensure to teach in North Carolina. 

Complete Degree Requirements for TED Concentration, for students enrolling in Fall 2010 or later

Students entering in Fall 2009 and before Fall 2010 are governed by 2009 curricular requirements. Students entering the program before Fall 2009 are governed by the 2003 curricular requirements.

Students may choose to satisfy the current (Fall 2010) curriculum instead of these earlier sets of requirements. Please see your advisor to discuss your options.

Four year display



  1. American Literature
  2. British Literature
  3. World Literature
  4. Film
  5. Language and Writing (ENG 328)
  6. Literacy in the U.S. (ENG 455)


  1. Introduction to Literary Study (ENG 260)—3 hrs
  2. Applied Criticism (ENG 400)—3 hrs
  3. Author/Genre (select from this list, Group 200) –3 hrs
  4. Literature Elective (select from this list, Group 204)—3 hrs
  5. English electives (select from this list, Group 206)—9 hrs 


ECI 204 and ED 204     Introduction to Teaching         3 hrs

ED 311/312                Assessment                           3 hrs

ECI 307                      Teaching Writing                    3 hrs

ELP 344                     School and Society                 3 hrs

EDP 304                    Educational Psychology          3 hrs

ECI 450                     Methods for Teach Eng          3 hrs

ECI 454                     Student Teaching                  12 hrs       


  • Students may take no more than five 200-level courses in the major.
  • All courses satisfying Department Requirements, except ENG 350, must be taken for a letter grade.
  • Students must earn at least a C- for courses in English and at least a C for all courses in Education.
  • Although some courses are listed in more than one category, no course may satisfy more than one requirement.
  • 30 of your last 45 hours must be taken at NC State.
  • The Associate Head will approve the following courses to satisfy a major requirement only when the content is appropriate to the requirement:  ENG 394, ENG 420, ENG 460, ENG 491, ENG 539, FL 495.
  • Additional state-mandated GPA requirements related to licensure may preclude some students from being allowed to continue in the program. Consult the program coordinator for information on these GPA gateways.

For general questions, contact the Coordinator of the Program, Dr. Jeffrey Reaser jeffrey_reaser@ncsu.edu.

**As part of their graduation application process, all English majors seeking to graduate in a fall or spring term must submit to the English department a paper/project composed for an advanced-level course within their concentration area. Additional information about this requirement is provided to potential graduates at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate.**