Linguistics (LIN)

English Major with a Concentration in Linguistics 

Academic Advisor:

Christin Phelps
Tompkins Hall G 105C, Box 8105

The LIN degree program will compliment the skills learned in the English core classes by exposing students to language analysis methods and critical thinking skills that are sought after in today's marketplace. Student who complete this concentration will: 

  1. Study the formal structure of language organization on phonological, syntactic, semantic, and discourse levels. 
  2.  Examine modes of linguistic argumentation as a type of scientific inquiry. 
  3.  Understand the systematic variation of language in its social context. 
  4. Explore the applications of linguistic knowledge. 

Complete Degree Requirements for LIN Concentration (16LIN)



  1. American Literature (3 hrs)
  2. British Literature (3 hrs)
  3. World Literature (3 hrs)
  4. Film (3 hrs)
  5. ENG 210: Introduction to Linguistics (3 hrs)
  6. Rhetoric (3 hrs)


  1. Linguistics Core (6 hrs)
  2. Linguistics Electives (6 hrs)
  3. Advanced Linguistics, capstone (3 hrs)
  4. English Electives (6 hrs) 


  • All courses, except ENG 350, must be taken for a letter grade to satisfy department requirements
  • although some courses are listed in more than one category, no course may satisfy more than one requirement
  • students must earn a C- or better for a course to count towards major requirements
  • the maximum number of 200-level courses within the English major (after 2010) is 5
  • the minimum GPA to graduate is 2.0
  • 30 of your last 45 hours of coursework must be taken at NC State
  • the Associate Head will approve teh following courses to satisfy a major requirement only when the content is appropriate to the requirement: ENG 392, ENG 394, ENG 420, ENG 460, ENG 491, FL 495

**As part of the departmental graduation checklist process, all English majors seeking to graduate in the fall or spring term must submit a paper or project composed in an advanced-level course within their concentration area. Additional information regarding this requirement is provided to seniors at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate.**