Minor in American Literature

The Department of English offers a minor in American literature to N.C. State students, except for English majors in the Literature concentration (16ENGLBA 16ENGLLLT). The minor consists of any five courses in American literature, three of which must be at the 300 level or above, and one of which must be at the 400-level. Students may transfer in no more than six hours toward the minor. This minor will focus on the English-language literature of the United States. No courses for the minor may be taken for S/U credit.

Required Courses


Elective Courses

  • ENG/AFS 248 Survey of African American Literature
  • ENG 249 Native American Literature
  • ENG 252 Major American Writers
  • ENG 265 American Literature I
  • ENG 266 American Literature II
  • ENG 267 LGBTQI Literature in the U.S.
  • ENG 298 Special Projects (when the topic is in American Literature)
  • ENG/WGS 305 Women and Literature
  • ENG 369 The American Novel of the Nineteenth Century
  • ENG 370 American Fiction, Twentieth Century and Beyond
  • ENG 372 American Poetry, Twentieth Century and Beyond
  • ENG 376 Science Fiction
  • ENG 399 Contemporary Literature
  • ENG 405 Literature for Adolescents
  • ENG 420 Major American Author
  • ENG/AFS 448 African-American Literature
  • ENG 466 Transatlantic Literatures
  • ENG 467 American Colonial Literature
  • ENG 468 American Romantics
  • ENG 470 American Literature, Twentieth Century and Beyond
  • ENG 476 Southern Literature
  • ENG 491 Honors in English (when the topic is in American literature)
  • ENG 498 Special Topics in English (when the topic is in American literature)


Students can apply for admission to any university minor program in MyPack Portal. Admission will be based on the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review.

How to add a minor


The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Students can monitor their progress toward completing the minor by viewing their Minor Degree Audit online, anytime, in MyPack Portal. 

Questions regarding unmet course requirements on your Minor Degree Audit (indicated by a red ‘X’) should be directed to the Minor Coordinator below.

Contact Person

Dr. Jeffrey Reaser
Tompkins Hall 243, Box 8105