Enrollment in Professional Writing Courses

Who should take one of these courses?

Enrollment is limited to juniors and seniors, because students who take the course earlier in their undergraduate programs lack two kinds of knowledge necessary for best performance in the course: They lack knowledge of the subject matter of their major field to provide them with material for their writing assignments. They lack knowledge of their potential professional roles to provide them with an understanding of how and why communication occurs in industry, government, and research. Students other than juniors and seniors do not perform well in these courses.

The three professional writing courses are taught in multiple sections of no more than 23 students. Approximately 20 sections of ENG 331, 20 sections of ENG 332, and 6 sections of ENG 333 are offered each semester. Students majoring in English or Communication (or other fields) who are preparing for careers in technical communication should take ENG 314, Technical Document Design and Editing, rather than ENG 331, 332, or 333.