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Course Content

Required Courses

ENG 214 Introduction to Editing is the student's first exposure to the professional treatment of written work.  Students learn to edit, revise, and proofread copy.  Assignments acquaint students with typical editorial practices, problems, and resources.

ENG 316 Principles of News and Article Writing introduces the elements of newspaper journalism: writing, interviewing, note-taking, newsworthiness, and ethics.  Assignments place the student in the role of reporter outside the classroom.

ENG 314 Technical Document Design and Editing introduces skills needed by professional writers in workplace environments, including planning, drafting, organizing, and editing documents.  It also covers visual aspects of professional writing, such as document design, creation and use of graphics and desktop publishing.  Assignments include production and evaluation of various forms of workplace and technical writing.

Elective Courses

For specific course descriptions of the elective courses, refer to university catalogs. (Note that for some of the elective courses, you must obtain permission from the instructor to enroll).

You may choose to concentrate in journalism, technical writing, or creative writing by choosing two courses within your field of choice. You are not required to do this, however; you may take courses in two different concentrations.

Availability of Courses

The courses are offered in the daytime during fall, spring, and summer semesters, and sometimes at night during the fall and spring.  Not every class may be offered at night every semester, but the selection usually permits a student to complete the certificate program at night within two years. 

Students who can attend during the day may be able to complete the program faster.