Accelerate your experience.

Accelerated Bachelor’s-Master’s Degree (ABM)

Accelerate your education.

What is it?

The ABM program allows undergraduates to complete both a bachelor’s and master’s degree at an expedited pace.

Who can apply?

Current NC State students with a 3.5 cumulative GPA who have completed 75 credit hours toward their degree (third-year status). You have to apply before you receive your bachelor’s degree.

What do I have to do?

To participate in the ABM program, you will take graduate classes, some of which will contribute to your undergraduate degree and some to your graduate degree. You can count up to four classes (12 credit hours) toward both degrees and you can take up to two classes (6 credit hours) as an undergraduate that contribute to your eventual graduate degree.

Once you complete the ABM program and receive your bachelor’s degree, you will spend one more year at NC State to complete your master’s degree.

I’m interested. What’s next?

Talk to your advisor for some more information. Email James Mulholland, the Director of Graduate Programs in English, to learn more about the graduate degrees and your next steps.

Then use the ABM application form, linked below, to think about what you’d need to do to complete your career at NC State with a master’s degree. To enter the program, you need to complete the ABM application form and apply to a graduate program in NC State’s Department of English. These two applications can be completed at the same time or separately.

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