Sharpen your writing skills. Develop critical thinking skills. Read and discuss some of the best literature ever written. Study – and conduct research with – some of the country’s top faculty. Get ready to take on the world.

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Earn Your Degree in English

Explore The English Honors Program

Do you embrace challenges? Consider the English Honors program for  advanced study opportunities. Honors students sign on for small seminar classes, independent study with faculty mentors, and sustained research projects.

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The department offers a B.A. in English. Choose from a variety of concentrations to pursue your passions: focus on creative writing; film; literature; rhetoric and professional writing; or earn your credentials to become a teacher.

At NC State, you don’t have to limit your education to the classroom. Test your wings and study abroad. Try out some career paths through internships. Contribute to the discipline by conducting research.

Explore our B.A. concentrations

Caleb Bartholomew, Class of 2020
Christian Okoth, Class of 2021
Kelly Keener, Class of 2020

Academic Minors and Certificates

Choose from eight English minors to enhance your undergraduate experience, gain valuable skill sets in writing, editing and communication that are highly valued in any profession.

Earn Your Professional Writing Credentials

Master the fundamentals of writing and editing while you sharpen your  publication skills and your knowledge of the profession. Through this five-course program, we’ll help you get ready to enter the fields of journalism, public relations, information services and technical writing.

Explore the Certificate in Professional Writing

On Writing:

"Now, the down side is that it’s always piece work. You get up and you face the same blank page every day. The up side is that you face the same blank page every day. And every day is a chance at redemption. Every day is a chance to do it better. Every day is a chance to make yourself laugh as you write. It’s a wonderful way to make a living. And the overhead is so low."

-- Dan Neil (M.A., English '86), Pulitzer Prize winning auto columnist for the Wall Street Journal‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌‌

Other Programs

In addition to supporting all the students who choose NC State for our outstanding English program, our department   also touches nearly all students at the university .

First-Year Writing

Most NC State students take one or two writing courses in their freshman year, depending on their placement scores, to satisfy the general education requirements in writing and speaking.

Professional Writing

Juniors and seniors majoring in a variety of technical, scientific, and management-oriented fields choose among several professional writing courses.

Internship Program

Students who want real world experiences that test their writing, editing and communication skills come to our department’s internship program. We’ll make sure you find expert supervision in professional settings.

High Impact Practices  

Find engaging courses and programs and learn from experience. Undergraduate research opportunities, service and community-based learning, collaborative projects, and learning communities await you here at NC State!