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First-Year Writing Program Administration

Zachary Beare
Tompkins Hall 242A

Dr. Beare is responsible for curriculum and policy development, implementation, and review. He handles all program-wide questions and concerns, student issues, and placement appeals.

Amy Berrier
Associate Director, Graduate Student Support 
Tompkins Hall 234 

Professor Berrier oversees all aspects of the First-Year Writing graduate teaching assistant program, from coordinating the GTA mentoring program to supervising all GTAs that teach ENG 101.

Ashley Everette
Associate Director, Undergraduate Student Support
Tompkins Hall 119

Professor Everette works with undergraduate students, advisors and other campus units regarding
first-year writing placement, transfer credit and related issues. 

Ericka Christie
Graduate Assistant Director 

As the Graduate Assistant Director, Ericka assists with mentoring GTAs teaching ENG 101.  

Samantha Blackburn 
First-Year Writing Coordinator
Tompkins Hall 242-B

The First-Year Writing Coordinator supports all first-year writing courses (ENG 100, 101, and 202) and faculty, manages website updates, and processes student course enrollments.