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FAQs: Professional Writing Certificate

How much does the program cost? 

It states, on the NDS Enrollment and Tuition webpage, “NDS Students who are considered 

Post-Baccalaureate Studies (PBS) will be charged at the same rate as students in the Graduate School. This means that PBS students taking ONLY Undergraduate courses will be charged at the Undergraduate student rate. However, if a PBS student takes ANY Graduate level courses, the entire semester will be charged for the Graduate level tuition rate.” 

For example, if you enroll in ENG 331, you will be charged the Undergraduate student rate. However, if you enroll in ENG 517 along with ENG 331, you will be charged the Graduate student rate, even though ENG 331 is an undergraduate course. 

However, if you are an NDS student and are considered an Undergraduate student or are only taking Distance Education courses, then rates will change. Please refer to the NDS Enrollment and Tuition website (linked above) for more information.  

Check the Student Service Center for current undergraduate and graduate student rates.  

How long does it take to complete the certificate? 

Certificate completion is flexible and based on your availability to complete available courses. 

Can I complete the certificate online? 

Certificate courses are either offered online, face-to-face, or hybrid, and format depends on instructors preference. The courses listed below are typically offered online each semester. 

  • ENG 331  Communication for Engineering and Technology 
  • ENG 332  Communication for Business and Management 
  • ENG 333  Communication for Science and Research
  • ENG 214  Introduction to Editing (Occasionally offered online during summer sessions)

How do I learn more about upcoming course offerings? 

When accepted into the Certificate for Professional Writing program, you are added to a program listserv. The listserv is used to communicate with program participants about resources and upcoming courses. 

You can also find course offerings via the Class Search Engine. Enter term, course subject, and course number to see if that course will be offered during the term you’ve selected. 

What happens if my NDS application expires? 

Your NDS application is active for one year. After a year of inactivity, you will need to reapply as an NDS Student. You DO NOT need to reapply for the certificate program if your NDS Student status deactivates. Also, you do not lose any coursework taken when your NDS status deactivates.