NC State’s Department of English is among the largest on campus. Our outstanding faculty will guide and mentor you as you open new doors into modern and classic literature, poetry, film studies, creative and professional writing, journalism … Find your passions – and the means to express them – right here. 


Explore the Options

We offer five undergraduate concentrations for students pursing a degree in English, eight minors that can enhance your undergraduate education and three graduate courses of study. 


Our Faculty are World Leaders

Our faculty are distinguished leaders in their fields. Take Walt Wolfram: he’s one of this country’s very top experts in dialects, and he’s produced fascinating research into how our accents in the South and across the nation continue to evolve. Meanwhile, John Wall is setting the bar in the world of digital humanities through his time-traveling recreation of 17th-century poet John Donne’s well-known sermon delivered at St. Paul’s in London. Award-winning science fiction writer and critic John Kessel has seen one of his stories adapted for the screen in the ABC sci fi series Masters of Science Fiction. And Carolyn Miller? She’s known as a pioneer, having launched the entirely new academic field of rhetorical genre studies.  


Filmmakers Danica Cullinan, Walt Wolfram and Neal Hutcheson with the Public Service Award they won at the 2014 American Indian Film Festival for "First Language: The Race to Save Cherokee."

Outstanding Students

Our students excel in the classroom and far beyond. Even our undergraduates participate in research. They also write – and often publish – poetry, plays, short stories and other works of fiction and nonfiction. They make movies. They go after internships with businesses, nonprofits and government groups. They study abroad, exploring – to paraphrase Shakespeare – a brave new world, that has such people in’t.

Alumni Who Think And Do

What can you do with a degree in English?  Anything you want. Just look to our alumni for proof.  They’re doctors, journalists, lawyers, editors, entrepreneurs, writers, publishers, producers, business owners … and more.