English Department Internship Program

The English Department's Internship Program (ENG 350) provides students with an opportunity to get workplace experience and college credit at the same time, while helping them to develop as professionals. The program is open to juniors and seniors in all College of Humanities and Social Sciences majors and minors.

Intern at Work

ENG 350 consists of a workplace practicum of 120 hours a semester and a 3-credit-hour course. For most students, the course will count as a free elective. Your adviser can help you determine if the course will count toward your major. The course will count toward all the listed minors.

English majors and minors who have successfully completed ENG 350 are eligible to do a second internship for credit during the summer as an independent study.

Internships for Graduate Students

Graduate students interested in work experience may want to consider taking ENG 522 Writing in Nonacademic Settings.