Internship Program and Course


Offered in spring semesters, the English Internship Program (ENG 350 and ENG 522) provides students an opportunity for professional workplace experience and development while receiving college credit. The undergraduate program is open to juniors and seniors in all College of Humanities and Social Sciences majors and minors. 

Student editors for any student media including Agromeck, Nubian Message, WKNC 88.1 or Technician may use their position as an internship experience during their tenure. Editors enrolling in ENG 350 must attend class and complete all of the academic assignments to earn credit.

I was recommended for a position with Futures for Kids' affiliate, Career Cruising, as a freelance interviewer and editor. I never would have made this connection without your class.

Jennifer Potts, class of '09

Undergraduate Students

Eligibility and Course Requirements

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Graduate Students

ENG 522: Writing in Nonacademic Settings

Participating Organizations

The following organizations have utilized interns from the English Program. However, most students pursue internships beyond this list. Use this list as a starting point to find a company or industry in which you would like to gain experience. 

Internships and Support

Paid internship exist but many desirable experiences are go unpaid. Don't let that stop you: apply for our Intern Scholarship!

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