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Professional Writing Program Policies

Course Prerequisites

Students must be a junior or senior to enroll in with ENG 331, 332 or 333. Our courses are limited to juniors and seniors because students who take the course earlier in their undergraduate programs lack two kinds of knowledge necessary for best performance in the course:

  • They lack knowledge of the subject matter of their major field to provide them with material for their writing assignments.
  • They lack knowledge of their potential professional roles to provide them with an understanding of how and why communication occurs in industry, government, and research.

Credit is not allowed for more than one professional writing course. For example, if a student completes ENG 332, then the student cannot receive credit for either ENG 331 or ENG 333. In addition, if a student enrolls in and later withdraws from ENG 331, then the student will not be able to enroll in either ENG 332 or ENG 333. For these situations, the program recommends re-enrolling and completing the original course attempted. Questions regarding repeating courses can be sent to

Course Enrollment Cap

Students who cannot enroll in their preferred course during their desired semester need to consider taking the course another semester or over the summer. The Professional Writing program adheres to the published seat cap for all courses. Questions regarding enrollment can be sent to